Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ida - HO!

Last week we took the drive up to Idaho to spend time with Mason's family (his sister, her family, and his parents). The drive went better than I anticipated. Although our kids barely slept through those 14 hours (Norah took two catnaps and Ava finally conked out for the last 20 minutes as we rolled in to Pocatello), it went well! I think it was mainly due to the portable DVD player.
Once we arrived in Pocatello, Norah fell to the ground at Pam's house as if to say she was glad to not be in the car! Pam's kids took to showing her how to travel up and down the stairs right away.

There was so much to do at Pam's house - jump on the trampoline, ride the Power Wheels and bicycles, play basketball, and of course, the air hockey - even Carter and Ava had a round!

After a few days in Pocatello, we headed up to Driggs to view our condo. While up there, we visited the Grand Teton National Park and hiked around Jenny Lake. With one teenager, one kid, two 3 year-olds, and a toddler, there were no complaints! Amazing! Everyone took turns carrying Norah, Ava, and Carter at some point. The scenery was spectacular.

On our last day in Pocatello, we went waterskiing. While it was fun, it wasn't the best idea since Mason and I were SORE to the bone during our drive home! Ava and Norah were a bit crankier on the way home, but we were glad to have visited our family there.