Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone! This truly is a beloved time of the year. Soft twinkling lights, smiling children, and hope seems to burn a little brighter and everyone is a little kinder.

Yesterday was spent over at my parents' house. Ava and Norah loved seeing their tree and wondered which presents were for them. Dinner was fabulous, followed by a dessert I remember from my childhood - peppermint ice cream served in homemade chocolate cups. Ava and Norah still aren't up to having a full Christmas Eve type "program," (with them still being so young) so their bedtime story was the account of the Nativity from the New Testament, of course followed by a reading of The Night Before Christmas.

Ava was so wired that we could still hear her rustling around in her room at 11:30 pm. But that didn't deter Mason and I from setting up "Santa's presents." For Ava it was the Cherry Blossom Market complete with play food, while Norah's was a baby doll with a stroller and carrier.

We were all so tired that Ava didn't wake us up until 9:30 am. Of course we didn't know how long she had really been up, LOL! We asked her if Santa came, and she said, "No" but then we asked her if he had left presents, and she coyly said, "Yeeeeeeeeeees....." She and Norah were excited to see the bounty that Santa had left.

The toy of the day for Norah was her battery-operated puppy. You know those yappy things you see tied up outside the front of toy stores? Well, she's totally in love with it. She carried that thing around all day, and ran away every time Ava asked to see it.

Ava on the other hand, spent equal amounts of time between her market, her RC My Little Pony Scooter (although Norah had fun making it do donuts - no joke!), and her books and other toys. My parents came over later in the day for more presents and dinner. It was a fun day all around.

I think tonight we will all sleep soundly. :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Night in Bethlehem

Last night we took our girls and my parents to see Santa Clara First Baptist Church's production of "Night in Bethlehem." I must say it was quite a sight! The participants had wonderful costumes, the animals were amazing (complete with camels!), and the Roman guards were definitely cranky.

Facades and booths were erected to look like the town of Bethlehem - complete with a census taker, the inn, and facates of what life was like long ago - brick makers, bakers, woodworkers and wool-weavers to name a few. Ava and Norah each had a bracelet made for them.

The wise men and shepherds each had their own dramatic scenes outside Bethlehem, then entered the city to seek the newborn King. Mary and Joseph too were seen entering the city, cast away from the inn, and finally settling at the stable. It was very well done, and we highly recommend it to all of our local friends. It was a wonderful way to help celebrate the season.

One of the wise men's camels

The donkey at the entrance to Bethlehem

Norah and me outside the entrance.

Ava having her bracelet made.

The Nativity.