Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Conversations with a 3-year old

Last week for dessert our girls discovered the joys of making hot fudge sundaes - complete with sprinkles and peanuts. A few days ago, my husband was eating some peanuts as a snack. This is the convo that followed:

Mason: Ava, would you like some peanuts?

Ava: Uh, no thank-you.

Mason: Norah, would you like some peanuts?

Norah: Yes, with ice cream please!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Keira Turns One!

Wednesday was Keira's first birthday! Yes, she was born on Cinco de Mayo. And as I made dinner that night (stroganof), it occurred to me that last year on May 5th I was making THE EXACT SAME THING for dinner when I realized I was in active labor. Bizarre!!

So here are her stats as of today when she had her check-up:

Weight: 15 lbs 13 oz (yes, she's not even tracking on the 5th percentile for weight, but making her own curve below that one!)
Height: 28 inches

Still petite, but cute as ever!

Wednesday night we had a family get together for cake and presents. Ava and Norah were very excited to help Keira open her presents. As Ava said, "Norah will open one, and I will open two!" Um, right.

Here are some pics!

The Cake

Cake and Presents

Keira and Mommy

Opening Presents

Eating Birthday Cake