Saturday, February 13, 2010

Keira - 9 months

At her 9-month appointment, Keira weighed in at 14 lbs, 4 oz, and measured at 26 inches long. She's a petite baby, but she's growing! And she's proportionate. All around she's just a cute little bundle of baby joy!

She can crawl fast enough to keep up with her older sisters, and she's now pulling herself up to stand. Keira hasn't quite figured out how to cruise yet - but all in due time.

I also noticed that she has not one, not two, but THREE more teeth coming in! That now brings the total to seven. She is a picky eater, so it's been slow to introduce new foods. But in true baby style, she does like to nom on Cheerios.

And to top it all off, she's just as happy as can be! It doesn't take much to get her to smile, giggle, and squeal. Our favorite thing to do is give her raspberries on her tummy. She will then just burst out in fits of laughter. So cute!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Yesterday I registered Ava for kindergarten. KINDERGARTEN!! I still can't believe that she's nearly 5 years old. And that I have two other girls. Where has the time gone?

Anyway, while registering you'd think it was the Spanish Inquisition. In order to prove residency, I had to have:

1) A copy of our rental agreement
2) A current PG&E bill
3) My driver's license

And if that weren't enough, additional things I needed were:

4) Ava's birth certificate
5) Ava's immunization records

Once I was at the school, I had a small folder of paperwork to fill out. Which reminds me, I still need to get back over there to give them a self-addressed stamped envelope so they can mail out the acceptance letter in April.

Good thing we live across the street! One of the many reasons why I love our new place.