Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Heart-stopping Moment

We know that life with kids is busy and hectic. We manage to contain the craziness. Yet on occassion that too can get away from us, and we are left with those few moments that 1) feel like an eternity and 2) make us feel like the worst parent on the planet.

Case in point: I was at Trader Joe's this morning, picking up a few items. Of course I had the whole crew with me - Keira buckled in her carseat in the front of the cart, Norah content to hold her plushie Sweetsong pony in the main part of the cart, and Ava walking next to me. We were just about done when I decided to pick up some pita chips and hummus for Mason (since that's one of his favorite snacks, and we haven't had it in a while). I was perusing the various kinds of pita chips. I knew I would end up getting the regular ones, but I wanted to check out the different flavors. After picking up a bag of cinnamon ones, then putting them back, that's when I heard it.


My back wasn't even turned away from them when it happened. Looking down, Ava was pinned under the cart screaming bloody murder, Keira's carseat had tumbled out but managed to land upright, and Norah was giggling, but still in the cart (sort-of). Apparently Ava had climbed on the side of the cart - but since TJ carts are a bit smaller than regular grocery store ones, and with the absense of my steady hand on the cart, her weight pulled it down.

There was a flurry of feet and hands, all helping me to right the cart and to make sure everyone was okay. I looked at Keira in her carseat, and she was sleeping! How she managed to sleep through that, I will never know. I guess it's a magical baby power. Norah was laughing and smiling. It was only Ava who was crying - and no wonder too, because the cart had fallen on her. She had a scrape on her leg and her elbow, but she didn't appear to have a concussion or a limp. An elderly TJ employee came by to offer some help - perhaps some lemonade for Ava or a package of frozen peas to put on her leg. Ava didn't want any of that (I think she was also a bit embarressed), but when the lady offered a balloon, well, what 4-year-old can resist that?

So balloons and stickers all around for everyone, we paid for our grocery items, and left. Of course I had my moment of feeling like the worst mommy in the world for not keeping my hands on the cart at ALL TIMES. But kids do bounce back - as evidence in the parking lot as Ava bounded towards the car chattering happily about her balloon.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Love that song and a Surprise

Tonight while I was feeding and rocking Keira right before I put her down for the evening, I decided to sing to her. I admit, I don't sing with my kids very often (usually because I think I am tone deaf, LOL!). But I thought a little song would be nice for her right before bed. I sang the Primary song "I Am a Child of God," and immediately her face lit up! She gave me the biggest smile, and cooed the whole time I sang. It just melted my heart.

She must either not mind my singing, or she must really like that song!

Ava also had a good evening - we found a special treat on our front porch. It was a giant chocolate chocolate-chip cookie, with a card addressed just to her. It was from her Sunbeam teachers, saying that they were glad she was in her class. She was very excited about the surprise treat, so here's a thank-you shout out to her teachers!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Smart in different ways

Since Ava now loves writing her name, we got her this dry-erase mat that has the alphabet you can trace on one side, and then pictures on the other side to play alphabet-related games. It's been helping her to write more than the two letters of her name, as well as practicing more control of a writing implement.

I got one for Norah as well, but for now she's just content to point out the letters and then just scribble over them. But, she knows her animals! She loves it when we pull out the animal flash cards - she can identify a kookabura, a howler monkey, and a manatee among other obscure animals. She also loves to play with her Noah's Ark felt book. She carries those felt animals around everywhere! I wouldn't be surprised if she became a vet, LOL!

It's fun to see how our girls learn and grow in different ways.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Crazy Coding!

You may notice that my blog has a new look. With the help of my husband (who knows html code waaaaaaaaaaay better than me), I was able to take the background that I created in Photoshop and customize my blog. He even helped me change the look of my header (from the dreaded all cap title to the dotted and thick border lines). The only drawback is that during the process the links to my friends' blogs were lost, so I need to add those back in.

I still want to change some things around, but I like the direction I'm taking. Who knew I would be able to understand html, let alone change it to suite my taste?