Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Smart in different ways

Since Ava now loves writing her name, we got her this dry-erase mat that has the alphabet you can trace on one side, and then pictures on the other side to play alphabet-related games. It's been helping her to write more than the two letters of her name, as well as practicing more control of a writing implement.

I got one for Norah as well, but for now she's just content to point out the letters and then just scribble over them. But, she knows her animals! She loves it when we pull out the animal flash cards - she can identify a kookabura, a howler monkey, and a manatee among other obscure animals. She also loves to play with her Noah's Ark felt book. She carries those felt animals around everywhere! I wouldn't be surprised if she became a vet, LOL!

It's fun to see how our girls learn and grow in different ways.

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