Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Five Guests

This morning there was some excitement as we had five little visitors waddle into our garage. Mason had the great idea of feeding them (of course then it was difficult to get them to leave!) Norah thought they were great, as she tried to catch one, but Ava ran back into the house crying. I guess they were intimidating to her!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jewelry Box

Today my parents dropped off the last few boxes of my childhood things from their garage. I was weeding through them when Ava came over to see. She pulled out my old jewelry box - the kind that played a song while a ballerina on the inside twirled in a circle. She hugged it and wanted to take it to her room. After a few minutes, I went to see what Ava was up to, and she had placed the jewelry box on her table and was watching the ballerina dance. I asked her if she liked the ballerina, and she told me that is wasn't a ballerina, but a princess! I then told her that the box was mine when I was her age. She then pointed to the figure and said, "That's you Mommy. You're a ballerina!" I just wanted to melt. :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Junior Museum Time

Today we took Ava and Norah to the Junior Museum in Palo Alto. There were fun things for them to explore - magnets, how green energy works, machines powered by tennis balls and a tunnel among other things. The best part of course were the animals. The zoo was small, but there were reptiles, sharks, fish, ferrets, raccoon, bats, and all kinds of fowl to behold. We got a surprise when the peacock decided to fan out his beautiful plumage. I had never seen a peacock do that in real life, so that was a fun experience. (He then tried to intimidate the rabbit that shared his pen, but the bunny looked as if he had seen the peacock do that one too many times). Of course I forgot my camera!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I've Joined the Ranks

I've finally done it! I'm now officially a blogger. Will I become more eloquent? Funnier in my delivery? Who knows - at least I can now (hopefully) keep track of the events that are my life. And post pictures of my husband and daughters.