Thursday, February 28, 2013

Norah is 6!

Today is Norah's sixth birthday.  I can hardly believe it.  The days may be long, but the years are definitely short.  Our Noo-Noo is now in kindergarten.  And she loves it!  She is always saying hello to her friends and explaining her projects from class to us.  Norah is still our cuddle-bug - she never misses and opportunity to snuggle up with one of us on the sofa.  She also is very tender-hearted towards Serena.  Whenever all the girls are outside playing, it's Norah who makes sure she doesn't run into the street or tries to hold her hand while taking a walk.

Animals are still among Norah's favorite things!  Whether is drawing them, pretending to be them, or playing with her plushies, LPS, or MLP, Norah just loves animals.  And coloring.

She is also becoming quite the reader.  I'm sure in no time she will be moving along in her own chapter books just like Ava.

We love our Norah!

Norah on her way to school on her birthday

 Being silly at the Tech Museum

BFFs with her sister Ava

Taking a break at Target with Keira

Monday, February 4, 2013

making valentines

Today the girls had the day off school (teacher work day), so it was the perfect time for them to make their valentines.  I found bubble sticks at Target (what kid doesn't like bubbles???), and since Ava, Norah, and Keira would be making valentines, it was a bargain to boot.

I had tons of cardstock along with valentine stamps, and recently bought baker's twine - so the idea of making the cards and tie them to the sticks was born!

It was a fun project for the girls to do, and super cute when it was all finished.

Ava and Norah stamping it up!

Front and back of the cards (the classmates' names will go over the heart)

Finished valentine!