Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Yesterday I registered Ava for kindergarten. KINDERGARTEN!! I still can't believe that she's nearly 5 years old. And that I have two other girls. Where has the time gone?

Anyway, while registering you'd think it was the Spanish Inquisition. In order to prove residency, I had to have:

1) A copy of our rental agreement
2) A current PG&E bill
3) My driver's license

And if that weren't enough, additional things I needed were:

4) Ava's birth certificate
5) Ava's immunization records

Once I was at the school, I had a small folder of paperwork to fill out. Which reminds me, I still need to get back over there to give them a self-addressed stamped envelope so they can mail out the acceptance letter in April.

Good thing we live across the street! One of the many reasons why I love our new place.


Camilla said...

NO.WAY.! I cannot believe she's going to be in Kindergarten. How are we all old enough for that to happen?! Last time I saw her she was 3 months old! I guess I still have a few years to go before the whole Kindergarten registration...but it's good to hear about it now, so I'll be prepared.

becca said...

It's so weird to me that I've never you seen you with any of your children. We need to get together!! Is it a full-day program or half-day?