Saturday, November 14, 2009

Halloween 2009

I know I'm just a wee bit late in posting our Halloween fun, but here it is. We started the day by taking a walk to my parents' house - they literally around the corner from us. After everyone's afternoon nap, we carved pumpkins and baked cookies (although we didn't get to decorating the cookies until the next day - at least we attempted!). We rounded out the holiday with that coveted of all traditions - trick or treating!

The quote of the day belonged to Ava. We approached this one house that had motion-sensor zombie bodies. She said she was scared and didn't want to go up to the front door. I told her we could on to the next house. What did she do? She stood on the edge of the porch and said,

"NO! I will stand right here and THEY will bring the candy to ME!"

Gotta love her persistence!

Norah giving us her Halloween moon

Keira and my dad

Mason and Keira on the walk home

Ava and Norah on the walk home

Mason as the Cat in the Hat and Keira as a bumblebee

The family together (of course I'm behind the camera!)

The girls - Ava is Star Catcher and Norah is Pinkie Pie. And for those of you not in the know, those are My Little Ponies.

Norah showing off her cutie mark

Ava showing off her cutie mark

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becca said...

cute! i love the tails on the ponies!! Don't worry I just posted about our Halloween this week.