Monday, April 5, 2010

Keira - 11 months

I haven't weighed Keira, but she can't be more than 16 pounds - seriously. She's such a lightweight that people ask if she's 3 or 4 months old, and they are always shocked to hear that she's nearly one year old. But it doesn't really bother me - it means she stays a bit more baby-like longer!

She's now beginning to cruise, as well as bop up and down once she's standing. When we hold her, she loves to nibble our noses. It's only a problem when she tries to do it to Ava or Norah - they run away screaming that Keira tried to bite them. It's kind of funny, but I guess I should be more sympathetic, LOL! It's just hard to when Ava and Norah are so melodramatic about it, and Keira just looks like an innocent lamb.

Keira is also distinctly saying "Ma Ma" and "Da Da." Just some of my favorite words these days!


becca said...

can you believe the one-year mark is just around the corner?!!! I can't. I found a picture on my phone from when Max was 5 months. I feel like he is all grown up! It goes too fast.

ashes said...

I know, the first year really flies by. It's amazing how much they change in those first twelve months.