Sunday, September 5, 2010

Faith in the future

Today at church we had fast and testimony meeting. I was really impressed by the testimony of one of our youth. She mentioned that for a recent school project, she and her classmates were assigned to do a "Me Board," where they share different aspects of themselves. One part of it was to include who they would like to emulate in the future. She said that many of her classmates spoke about wanting to be like celebrities or business moguls. But she didn't feel like she could do that. She wanted to put on her board that she wanted to be like Christ and Heavenly Father, but part of her was afraid of sharing her testimony.

But when it was her turn to present her board, she had a picture of the temple and Christ on it. She talked about how she wanted to emulate Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, because she had felt their unconditional love in her life. She felt the Spirit present, and was so glad that she followed its promptings.

After hearing that, it gave me renewed faith in the future. I'm amazed at the strength of our youth, and the courage they display in sharing their testimonies and standing for what is right. Sometimes I get bogged down in the doldrums of life, and get a bit pessimistic. But then I hear testimonies like these, and I know that if we keep the faith, hold to the rod, and endure to the end, everything will be alright.

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Camilla said...

Thank you Ashley, for sharing that with us as well! How sweet, and how great to know that our children do have a hope for the future, because of faith in Heavenly Father and Christ. What a good thing to remember.