Thursday, November 4, 2010

They really do listen!

Every Wednesday in Ava's class they have computer time, which involves three things - drawing a picture using a kid-friendly drawing program, drawing 8 items that begin with the letter of the week, and listening to a story, then drawing a picture of their favorite part of the story along with a sentence describing why it's their favorite. Then a paper is sent home (along with the illustration of the favorite part of the story with sentence) which tells the parent how their student is doing in each area. Each task is rated with one star, two stars, three starts, or four stars - one being the lowest, and four being the highest.

Ava's been really good at the first two tasks, but not so much on the third. Which was odd to me, since she loves drawing pictures! She wouldn't draw a picture, and only write half a sentence. I finally had a talk with her about it last week, about how important it is to listen to the teacher and complete classwork.

Yesterday when I picked her up from class, she was bursting at the seams to get something out of her backpack and show it to me. She presented me with her weekly computer center paper, only this time she had FINALLY completed the third task! Illustration AND complete sentence! She was really proud of it, and I was happy that she finally did it during class.

So kids really DO listen when you talk to them about things!

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becca said...

yay! that is a cute story. you must have done a good job talking with her : )