Sunday, January 29, 2012

Be Not Afraid

Today Mason and I gave talks today in sacrament meeting on...chastity.  Yes, chastity.  We were quite surprised with the topic, seeing that it normally isn't spoken about from the pulpit (unless it's General Conference).

I was suuuuuuuper nervous.  We had a month to prepare, and while writing my talk I felt guided in what I was going to say, I still felt like it was too harsh and direct.  I was worried in how it would come across in my delivery.  But this year I decided to live by the motto "Be Not Afraid," so I trusted in my promptings and went with it.  (Inspired by a blog post I recently read about choosing a word or phrase each year to exemplify and live by).
And an amazing thing happened.  For every talk I have given in sacrament meeting, from the time I was a teenager, I have had that pounding heart and shaky legs for the duration of my talks.  But not today.  For the first time I felt calm and at peace, and spoke much more confidently than I ever had while addressing my ward.  I knew the Spirit calmed my soul to help me deliver the message I knew I was suppose to give.

Afterwards, sooooo many people came up to me and Mason to tell us what a wonderful job we did with such a difficult topic.  I was glad that I had followed my promptings, and that the Spirit did help me when I needed it most.
Great Sunday all around.


becca said...

thanks for sharing. I need a motto...

ashes said...

I wish I could remember what blog I read the post about having a word or motto to live by each year - it was pretty inspiring! But I was blog surfing.