Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year already?

Holy moly, I can't believe it's 2009! This year already has started with a bang - we bought a new car on New Year's Day. Our third baby is due this May, and my Jeep just won't handle three car seats across the back. We finally decided on a Mazda CX-9. It's super sexy with leather seats. Yes, we spoiled ourselves, but hey - we're going to have this car until Ava's in college!

Yesterday we had our ultrasound to find the gender of our baby - only to have the sonographer say that she was 70% sure it was a girl. Apparently this little one was a bit more shy than Ava and Norah were. In all honesty I'd be surprised if it was a boy, but just in case, we'll have two names on hand, and a few boy outfits. (Yes, I'm an obsessive planner).

And I finally have a custom My Little Pony! Whoo hoo! For all you non-pony people, it's a My Little Pony that's been stripped of it's original symbol and hair and totally customized. It's of my online pony persona "ashes" (so now you know partly why this blog is called "ashes to ashes"). It arrived yesterday, and I totally love it. You are all probably thinking that with my art skills I should be making my own ponies, but hey - with two little ones at home, I'm still lucky I can find time just to draw and paint!

Here are pics of my custom pony. The artwork in the background is my own, which I sent to the customizer for reference.


Camilla said...

Cool!!! That MLP looks awesome! And I am also jealous about your new pimpin' car. I want leather seats!

heather said...

i love the pony unicorn :) so cute!

Starley Family said...

You're my hero. I love the custom pony! What a fun story to share with your girls!