Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentines and Crazy Birds

Last week in Ava's preschool class, they exchanged Valentines. Ava was super-excited, and she picked out "Bolt" Valentines to give. We also had fun Valentine-themed pencils to go along with the cards. Needless to say, I was quite amazed when I picked her up that day! She had a box filled to the brim with Valentine goodies from her classmates - not only pencils, but erasers, play-doh, and an assortment of goodies. It was like Christmas all over again!

Then this evening it was attack of the crazy birds! Outside in the courtyard of our complex, there is an arbor where some birds have had their nest for a few years. The grill is also out there, and while I was grilling some meat for dinner, the mother bird decided it was time for her last chick to leave the next. There was a kerfuffle of feathers, the baby bird flopped onto the picnic table, then onto the pavement, and scuttled under the grill's gas tank. The mother flew away, and in the process hit my head with her wings. I felt bad for the baby bird, but I had to keep Ava and Norah from trying to touch it (just in case the mom came back). I guess it's not everyday you see a baby being kicked out of the house, LOL!


Amy said...

oh, that poor baby bird! Did it ever leave or is it dead under your grill? And why did the mother bird fly so close to your head? That seems so random!

Thomas came home from his Valentine's party with a box like Ava's....I was amazed at how into this holiday a LOT of people were!

ashes said...

I know, it was random! The bird was so close because it flew under the awning where I was. Still, it was bizarre.

I know, I couldn't believe the V-day goodies. At least it made for a fun day for the kids. :)

We had fun chatting with you guys too last weekend!

Camilla said...

Cute! And crazy! Hope that little bird survived okay.

Starley Family said...

Poor baby bird! Well I bet you have two adoptive mothers on your hands if the real momma bird doesn't come back...

Ummm...I think I need to send Katelyn to preschool just for the goods!