Monday, April 27, 2009

Whoa, two months went by?

I just realized I haven't updated in about two months. Time just flies - that and I'm a lazy blogger. I freely admit that!

Ava and Norah each had their birthdays - Ava turned 4 and Norah turned 2. We just had a family get together for Norah, but Ava had her first "friend" birthday! We did a safari-themed party complete with an alligator cake - at Ava's request. It was fun seeing all her little friends together and doing crafts and playing.

Ava has had fun being in preschool - she can now write her real name, and not just H-boot anymore!

As for me, I'm two weeks away from my due date. I soooooo can't wait to deliver this baby girl! It's difficult keeping up with two kids when you can't run as fast after them pre-preggy body. That, and I want to be able to paint my own toes again, dang it!


Amy said...

I love that your kids are all pretty close to being 2 years apart.

I hear ya about wanting to paint your own toes, its important! Good luck with the end of your pregnancy :)

Starley Family said...

Can't wait to see your newest little one!!! The toe painting thing was always like a shaving from phenomenon movie moment for me. I loved having Nate pamper me!