Thursday, April 26, 2012

Serena - One Year!

I can't believe our baby is now officially 1.  Her birthday was a few weeks ago.  We had a causal party with friends, then presents with family that evening.   We left immediately for Las Vegas for Spring Break the next day, so life's been a little hectic.

Here's some stats on Serena:  

- she is the BEST sleeper.  Once she's in her crib, she rolls over onto her tummy, crawls into a corner, sucks her fingers and goes to sleep.  It's so cute to watch.
- she's a champion eater
- she loves strawberries
- she only has 4 teeth
- tickling under her ears and her belly induces waves of giggles
- her sisters love reading to her and bringing her toys to play with
- she crawls, but she's beginning to pull herself up

We love Serena! 

The girls loved helping Serena open her presents

 Ava's a budding photographer

Close-up of the card Ava made for Serena

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