Saturday, May 5, 2012

Keira turns 3!

Keira's birthday is Cinco de Mayo.  Fitting for her personality, to be honest!  We just had a backyard bbq with the grandparents and had cake and presents.  Nothing too fancy, but we had a good time.

Some things about Keira:

- she loves her red blanket
- she will randomly come up to me and say "I love you mama"
- she is a snuggle bug.  If you are on the couch, she will climb up to be with you
- she loves doing everything her older sisters Ava and Norah do
- while she is very sweet and loving at times, Keira is definitely the most defiant of all our girls
- her favorite toys include her animal train, her walkable LPS, and her plastic animal figures

the cake

 the presents

 opening the presents (with some help from her sisters)

Serena exploring the grass, and finding that it doesn't really taste good

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