Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Animals at the Farm

Today for playgroup we went to a local farm. Ava and Norah were really excited the whole car ride up (it was about 35 minutes away). Once there, we saw some cows, horses, sheep, and bunnies. There were even some peacocks wandering about, although they didn't spread their tails.

The farm has an event every week called "Toddler Tuesday" where they show the kids how to shuck and crack corn, and then they feed it to the goats. I admit, I never knew what cracking corn entailed until this morning, LOL! You put the hard kernels into a funnel attached to a crank, and it grounds up the kernels.

Norah was a bit scared to feed the goats, but Ava gave it a go. I had some corn as well, and I showed her how to just put her open hand up to the goats, and they gobble it up! (Their lips kind of tickled). I think it startled Ava a bit, because once the goats took a bite of her corn, she immediately dropped it on the ground! But she said she enjoyed that, and then promptly asked if we were going home, LOL! During this whole procedure Norah was whining. I guess I don't have country kids.

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Camilla said...

Hahaaaaa!!!! Yeah I guess no country kids for you. Ava's reaction is funny, "are we going home now?". Classic.