Friday, September 25, 2009

I Couldn't Help Myself

This week I gave in - I decorated for Halloween! I just love, love, love this time of year. I've been chomping at the bit ever since we moved into our new place to start holiday decorating. I really tried to wait until October, but I couldn't resist. When the stores start putting out the candy and the costumes, I just want to join in the fun!

Ava and Norah were pretty excited about our decorated house too. I did most of it while they were napping, so they had a fun surprise when they woke up. They went from room to room, oohing and aahing at the pumpkins, the bats, the haunted houses, and the lights. Yes, I even have a black Halloween tree with orange lights. I think now I'll go take some pictures to share!

Okay, I've got the pics!

Here's our front porch

Now the hallway to the left as you enter the house:

Here's some shots of the living room:

And the dining room:

And the kitchen:

Our bathrooms are also decorated. I do plan on putting lights outside in the front and the back - and perhaps something hanging from our trees. Oh the possibilities!!


Camilla said...

Yes, please do share pictures! Not just of your decor, but also your new place!

Camilla said...

Awesome pics! I love the way you decorate, and your new house LOOKS AWESOME!

heather said...

yay pics of the have a house! we definitely need to come see it in person :)